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NHDRO 1: “Big Money” epic grudge racing & trash talk, full session May 2012

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Motorcycle drag racing videos from the Vault, Wyldfantasies Media Studios presents NHDRO 1: Muncie Madmen “Big Money” epic grudge racing & trash talk, the fu…

Garrett McNamara rides 90 Foot Wave With Gopro Cam (Full Video)

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

It seems that Garrett McNamara just broke the world record for largest wave surfed by successfully navigating this 90-foot wall of watery death in Nazaré, Portugal.

How to make GoPro Time Lapses full screen without expensive software

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Those black bars on the side of your GoPro timelpases bringing you down? This is how you get rid of them on (almost) any editing software. (Which is why i did not include aspect ratio changing) Just so you know both methods (should) have the same outcome. Of course, you could just stretch the footage, but this means that what you are seeing is not 100% true and often just looks plain stupid. It also means means longer rendering times! :'( The two programs I demonstrated it on were FCPX and iMovie.

Hare Scramble Track Full Lap **GoPro**

Sunday, July 15th, 2012

Riding with Nick, Howie and a few other guys at the track. HD GoPro videos coming in Spring of 2012!

Full HD 1080p Music Video 美的因日本黑部立山峽谷立山黑部J0002

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

Full HD 1080p Music Video 美的因日本黑部立山峽谷立山黑部J0002 立山黑部是由立山連峰和黑部峽谷所連成的旅遊路線,雄偉山容及豐富的自然景觀,贏得了「日本阿爾卑斯山」美譽。立山黑部位於本州靠日本海一側的中部,東有立山連峰,北臨日本海。包括黑部川、神通川內的數條河流,在富山灣沿岸所形成的,而這些河流都緩緩地流入圓弧狀的富山灣。 這裡充滿了大自然四季變化之美;春天時在高達20m的雪牆中來往穿梭,夏天時高山植物一起露出最燦爛的笑臉,到了秋天群山又換上紅色新衣,豐富的神情讓這3000m以上的群山充滿大自然魅力。by wiki ********************************************************************************************************************************************** HD業務、拍攝業務、升頻業務、剪接業務、光碟業務、母片業務、製片業務、設計業務、多媒體業務、影片素材、指定素材拍攝、素材交易、素材收購、素材授權、素材製作、素材光碟、光碟發行、Full-HD節目製作、廣告製作,影像素材包羅萬象,如在本區找不到素材,歡迎來電洽詢。 (受限頻寬因素無法將畫質完美呈現,歡迎來電預約賞片)單機錄影(36組)、FULL HD多機EFP轉播(3套)、SD多機EFP轉播(4套)OB轉播車(3台)、32呎大型手臂(四組)、電腦剪接(六間)、上市上櫃簡介、工商簡介、產品簡介、教育訓練簡介、製程簡介、電視廣告、Web廣告、Web Kuso廣告、廣告機營運、豪華婚禮MV、行銷簡介、電腦動畫、互動光碟製作、CD、DVD、BD光碟母片壓片製造、教學影帶製作、平面設計、影音網站建置、HDTV高畫質影像製作中心、FULL HD 影像素材交易授權、廣告拍攝、MV拍攝、偶像劇拍攝。 影業達事業股份有限公司02-6638-3322 E-mail:

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