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My first race :)

Filmed with GoPro Hero 3 black edition. Watch the “Extreme Enduro” video –

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25 Responses to “My first race :)”

  • Omri Cohen says:

    Huge!! Big Big like!

  • Richard Getz says:

    Well when we search out GoPro videos, the expectation is the highest quality. But that may just be me. Very cool video no matter the resolution! : )

  • 5252dan says:

    you made me cry!!

  • SEALBMX35 says:


  • Omer Cnaani says:

    The song is “Who Loves Me” by Pretty Lights

  • andyschmidtgmxde says:

    well done!

  • Omer Cnaani says:

    Normally i use 720, with 120 FPS with the Gopro as I think that the quality of the 720 is good enough, and the 120 FPS gives me more flexibility with the slow motions.
    In this case you are right, the better use was 1080.

  • Omer Cnaani says:

    I used Final Cut Pro X

  • FunkysNotdead says:

    Sick !!

  • rogpaz says:

    Kid’s got skills. Watch out Pastrana.

  • SEALBMX35 says:

    what song is this?

  • MaD MaX says:

    Wow. Best i’ve ever seen for a long time. And nice music BTW.

  • jbrunner122 says:

    What editing software was used for this?

  • tabacki1 says:

    Nice Video!

  • Richard Getz says:

    Not 1080?

  • Branden Bingham says:

    Love this

  • ayyggss says:

    F’n awesome !

  • Glen3427 says:


  • Michael Margot says:

    Brilliant….nothing else to say…….

  • Brock Radford says:

    make some noise for the .0450 super cross class!!!

  • yo999da says:

    Awsome 🙂

  • Genapex says:

    haha very funny

  • EngybingyVideos says:

    Very well done!

  • MrFreshandJuicy says:

    Haha this is awesome!

  • bassboy923 says:

    dat braaaappp

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